Wiremesh Filter Manufacturer


Sumit Industries is known as leading Wiremesh filter manufacturer in Mumbai. We are one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of wide range of Wiremesh filters. These wire mesh filters are made with metal and that used to filter liquids in machines, industrial equipment and many other large and small sizes.

Any material that isn’t small enough to pass through the tiny gaps between the pieces of metal is caught in the mesh. Stainless steel is the most common because it is easy to clean and highly resistant to corrosion and Wiremesh filters are made using a variety of different types of metal. There are different types of varieties, which have different uses of wire mesh filters, that are manufactured. Some filters are very fine so that they only the smallest particles through, while others are larger and hold back only large particles in a stream.

Since we are known as Wiremesh filter manufacturer in Mumbai, we use a few different methods to create mesh filters. The machine collects all of the excesses for later use and one of the methods uses a machine that pulls a sheet of metal into a blade that cuts the metal sheet into a mesh pattern. Another process takes individual strands of metal that are performed, & then spot welds them together.

One of the most popular methods, however, is expanded metal machining. When this particular method is used, the piece of sheet metal is continuously cut and stretched by a machine that forms it into the pattern of a mesh filter. The huge advantage of expanded metal machining is that it avoids the creation of any metal waste during manufacturing. After the mesh has been created, it’s cut to the exact size that the filter needs to be for its application.

Wiremesh filters can be found in many different applications. Small mesh filters are found on the top of microphones, in dryers, in the plumbing systems of many showers and taps, and in automotive oil filters. Because mesh filters are made with such a wide range of specifications, they can be used in literally dozens of completely different industrial and household applications.

Being Wiremesh filter manufacturer in Mumbai, we create customized filter shapes and sizes for customers who have a unique application or for those who need replacement filters for older equipment.

Filter media made of wire mesh cover an extreme range, from ultra fine micron structures to coarse structures. Wire mesh offers distinct advantages over other filters. It enables uniform filter performance over the entire filter areas. Versatility in processing along with ease of cleaning.

Custom Wire Mesh Filters
Sumit Industries has the capability to customize wire mesh to fit your filtration needs. Whether you have a design in mind or just a seed of an idea, Sumit Industries will be your partner through every step of the production line.

Filter Cloth
Filter cloth has optimized pore of geometry. These precision pores and the flow-optimized cloth structure and lead to increased selectivity & flow capacity. The new cloths provide excellent cleaning ability, mechanical stability, low blocking tendency, and durability.

Extruder Screens
Sumit Industries produces wire cloth extruder screens of the highest quality used in the plastic melt filtration process. Sumit Industries produces these screen packs in a number of different shapes & sizes. We also produce them in various configurations, including options for single or multi-layer design & rim bound or raw edge filters. These filters can be designed with retention ranges from between 10 to 1000 microns. We can also work with your R&D team, to get exact products that they need to manufactured with specification required. With the highest quality material & no site fabrication, we can customize our products which suit the most demanding projects.

We are the trusted and prominent name for Wiremesh filter manufacturer in Mumbai. To know more about wire mesh filter manufacturer in Mumbai do contact us, we will be glad to help.