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Distillation, Stripping and Absorption are often used in chemical processing to recover and purify valuable liquid products. In many circumstances the value of the product and, In fact, the acceptability of the product, depends on meeting stringent purity specifications.

Conventional mass transfer devices such as sieve trays, valve trays, grid packings and dumped packings are often not efficient enough to accomplish the required separation in a reasonably sized new column or in a retrofitted existing column.

Additionally, if the column must operate over a wide range of flows with very high turndown possible, conventional mass transfer device efficiencies may be further reduced. This could constrain the capacity and performance of the unit.

Structured column packing for laboratory distillation

SUMIT knitted wire mesh Structured Tower Packing is designed to overcome many of the shortcomings of other laboratory distillation devices. The packing consists of multiple strands of very fine wire, typically Shape 0.00045" diameter, knitted together . The flat mesh is corrugated, or "crimped" to give it a uniform. The shapes of the openings are specially designed for guiding and directing gas and liquid flows for full integration of gas / liquid contacting. a path through which vapor can readily flow, both radially and axially. so dry spots and liquid -logged channels are nearly eliminated .

The multistrand fine wire generates high surface area (typically 500 ft2square to 800 ft2 per ft3 cube) (STYLE SUM 500 \ SUM 800 ).The capillary effect drawing the liquid into thin streams and the high voids that quickly and evenly spread both the ascending vapour and descending liquid phases over the column cross section and promote good liquid distribution ,residence time and thin – film development .

The resiliency of the fine wire that ensures that the packing will conform to vessel sizes between the wall and the internals. These gaps often lead to vapor bypassing that keeps your unit from Realizing its design performance.

These mechanisms work together to promote the intimate liquid-vapor contacting needed to achieve the separation demanded by high-value-added processing. Typically, structured wire mesh tower packing exhibits Height per Equivalent Theoretical Plate (HETP) in the range of 3 to 12 inches, depending on the application of fluids. In general, these packing offer the highest efficiency per foot of bed and the lowest pressure drop per theoretical stage, versus other mass transfer devices.

img Sumit structured packing series FOR LABORATORY.

In laboratory columns from 20 to 80 mm diameter SUMIT WOVEN WIRE MESH PACKING is available in a variety of standard types. This wire gauze packing is designed for applications require a high number of theoretical stages with very low pressure drop. The packing's uniform structure routes liquid and vapour through ordered passages. Excellent transverse mixing is achieved and mal distribution does not occur.

Pressure drop per theoretical stage is observed is 0.5 – 1.5 mbar for gentle distillation however packing is constructed with a coarsergeo- metrical configuration and, therefore, a lower number of theoretical stages. It provides low pressure drop at higher load capacity.

Salient characteristics
  • High number of theoretical stages per meter.
  • Pressure drop per theoretical stage is 0.5 – 1.5 mbar
  • Gentle distillation very high separation efficiency at low pressure drop .
  • Most economical load range
  • Small hold up
  • Reliable scale up
  • In laboratory columns from 20 to 110 mm diameter
  • For initial runs of pilot columns
  • Under vacuum from 0.5 to 1 mbar

Multi mesh column packing accepted as the most efficient packing for distillation towers operating at reduced pressure In terms of efficiency, multimesh packing are comparable with other high performance structured packings at a fraction of the cost. They are also particularly efficient at low boil-up rates and when a high turn-down ratio is essential; the critical characteristic of the packing being its high specific surface area which, in conjunction with the capillary effect between wires, causes a very thin, well distributed liquid film to develop. Weeping cannot occur.

Mechanical engineering is kept to a minimum with no requirement for weirs or down comers, with their associated problems of back-mixing and entrainment.

Both Hyperfil and Multifil are made in packed sections of 150 mm hight and are tailored to give a snug fit against the tower wall. Specific features include:

  • High specific surface area for maximum efficiency. ( 1780 sq. mtr \cu.mtr )
  • Low pressure drop per unit high of packing
  • High free volume for minimum pressure drop. ( 94.5 % voidage)
  • Low cost compared to 'conventional' structured packing.
  • Ease of handling and installation.
Material of construction

Any material which can be drawn in to a fine wire or filament can be used in the manufacturing of MULTI MESH column packing. However stainless steel 316 grades are readily stocked and other alloys like copper ,monel , Hastelloy ,Incoloy , and Dual component like S.S with P.P or ETFE or PVDF or any special metal wire can be selected and made to suit process requirement. The specific surface area of selected material is in range of 1200 m2/m3 to 16400 m2/m3. Depending on corrosive condition of fluid and specific surface area. Service temperatures can range up to 204 degree centigrade (400 degree F)

Typical Application
  • Multi-purpose batch distillations
  • Lab-scale and pilot scale columns
Research & Development Laboratories

Vacuum distillation of temperature sensitive products in industries such as:

  • Foods Flavours
  • Fragrances and essentions Oils
  • Pharmaceuticals Intermediates
  • Speciality Chemicals
  • Petroleum Refining and Petrochemical
  • Copper packings in liquor distilleries