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Multi Mesh column packing is most efficient packing for distillation towers operating at reduced pressure. This are mainly used for the separation of heat sensitive product, components with close boiling fractions. Multi Mesh column packing having a very low pressure drop per theoretical stage is precise solution to this problem.


Multi Mesh column packing are fabricated by knitting bunched fine wires in to mesh which is further crimped and wound in to a roll of the desired column diameter. A various Multi Mesh column packing is also developed in which the density of mesh is lower at the top of the packing than at the bottom. The variation in density of mesh tends to the change liquid flow pattern in the mesh resulting in redistribution of liquid within column.

This family of wire mesh, structured packing has strong self - wetting characteristics which, with the rapid lateral movement of ascending vapor through its loops, gives the intimate, 360 degree gas to liquid mixing necessary for high performance mass transfer. Dry spot and water - logged channels are nearly eliminated by the combination of the packing's inherent capillary effect drawing the liquid in to thin stream and the high voids that quickly and evenly spread both the ascending vapors and descending liquid phases over the column cross section capillary flow is quickly formed in the packing's having specific surface area.

Material of Construction

Sumit has largest family of knitted wire mesh packing made from metal or fibre wire that can be drawn in to a fine wire. Multimesh Packings are available in a wide variety of materials including: Stainless Steel, Copper, Monel, Hastelloy, Incoloy, Titanium..

A product is available with right combination of capacity, pressure drop, corrosion resistance, or cost to meet your needs, technical team of sumit the most effective and best performing tower in your plant by carefully selecting the right knit, crimp, layering. The specific surface area of selected material is in range of 1200 m2/m3 to 16400 m2/m3. Depending on corrosive condition of fluid and specific surface area. Service temperatures can range up to 204 degree centigrade(400 degree F) Dual component like S.S with P.P or ETFE or PVDF or any special metal wire can be selected and made to suit process requirement.


Multi Mesh column packing is supplied as 150 mm height module of the same diameter as the nominal bore of the column. The column must be free from all internal projections and in the case of welded columns the internal welds should be ground smooth. Only the simplest type of support is required usually two bars at right angles or in larger towers parallel bars and cross bars at 150 mm pitch.

Successive modules of Multi Mesh column packing are inserted into the top of each section of tower and pushed gently down towards the support grid. A disc of wood mounted on a pole permits the packing to be pushed without risk of damage. Care should be taken to ensure than successive modules of Multi Mesh column packing have their crimps going in opposite direction (i.e. staggered).

Salient Features
  • The high voidage of Multi Mesh column packing allows free flow of both liquid and vapour through the packed column resulting in low pressure drop per unit height of the packing ΔP/Theoretical = 1.0 to 0.8.
  • The high surface area of Multi Mesh column packing permits an intimate contact between vapour and liquid, resulting in low values of HETP > 100 to 200 mm in production column.
  • The low bulk density of Multi Mesh column packing result in decreasing the dead weight of the packed column. It also result in a lower shell thickness.
  • The HETP (Height equivalent of theoretical plate) of Multi Mesh column packing is less than 15 cm over the entire range of velocity.
  • Due to the capillary effect or multifilament mesh of Multi Mesh column packing wall effect is almost completely eliminated.
  • The flooding velocity of Multi Mesh column packing is 2-2.5 times higher than those of conventional packings. This depending upon the requirement will reduce the column diameter or will increase the throughput.
  • Improve performance of existing columns. You can upgrade existing processes by replacing random packings or trays with Multi Mesh column packing. This simple change can result in increased product quality, higher production capacity and lower pressure by permitting the use of lower reflux ratios resulting in lower reboiler duty.
  • Reduced cost of new packed column systems. The high efficiency of Multi Mesh column packing permits significant reductions in tower diameter and height, minimizing structural, foundation, piping, insulation and installation costs on new project.
  • Turn down-due to its capillary nature, the efficiency of Multi Mesh column packing increase with decreasing loading thereby providing an extremely wide range of operating capabilities.
Comparative technical data of multi mesh column packing
Sr. No. Packing Type Sizes Density Kg./cu.mtr. Sur. Area Sq.mt./Cu.mtr. Voidage % HETP cm PDTS mm HG
Multi Mesh
ALL 432 1780 94.5 12 0.07
Rasching Ring (Ceramic)
12.5mm 804 410 64.0 -- --
25mm 641 190 73.0 29 0.53
Beri Saddles (Ceramic)
25mm 722 253 69.0 -- --
Intalox Saddles (Ceramic)
12.5mm 545 633 78.0 23 0.13
25mm 545 260 77.5 -- --

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