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Sumit Sheet Metal is the most efficient and economical structured packing in the process industry today. With Sumit Sheet structured tower packing you get greater surface area per cubic foot than random packings of equal capacity Sheet metal structured packing is ideal for difficult separations and process that require a large number of theoretical stages in low liquid rate absorption / stripping systems, or applications that require a wide operating range (turn down). This is due to very low pressure drop across the bed and superior liquid spreading characteristics over the packing surface.

Specially designed perforated vertical corrugated layers of sheets maximize gas / liquid contacting and formation of renewable liquid film. Gas / liquid is spread and distributed radially from layer to layer within the element. Surface texturing on the sheet metal further enhances wettability and mass transfer. The shapes of the openings are specially designed for guiding and directing gas and liquid flows for full integration of gas / liquid contacting.

The unique design of these openings favours communication between the back and front of each layer, these provide maximum area and distribution. In a typical application, the fluid flowing down the column drips off the downward facing tabs and spreads on the surface of the sheets. In high liquid loading applications where the liquid might have a tendency to bridge the opening, an upward bent tab directs the liquid to the underside of the corresponding sheet.

The standard packing version has specific surface area.

SUM 125m2/m3, SUM 170 m2/m3, SUM 200 m2/m3, SUM 250 m2/m3, SUM 350 m2/m3, SUM 500 m2/m3, SUM 700 m2/m3, SUM WM500 m2/m3, SUM WM 750 m2/m3.

Sumit also design and manufacture high efficiency column internals (Distributors, Collections, Support Grids etc) good initial distribution together with systematic redistribution is critical to optimum tower performance.

Sumit sheet metal structured tower packing provides high capacity, wettability and low pressure drop in a number of distillation, absorption and liquid / liquid extraction applications including:

  • Refinery columns (atmospheric and under vacuum).
  • Petrochemical columns
  • Natural gas glycol dehydration
  • Wastewater treatment stripping columns
  • Atmospheric pressure and high pressure columns.

The Sumit Structured Wire Mesh Packing is available in a wide range of alloys and with various specific surface areas. For availability and lead times consult the factory. For more details regarding these products, visit our website or consult with an Sumit Separations representative.