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Air Bag Filter

Air bag inflator systems utilize uniformly compressed finely knitted wire mesh elements to trap particulates from propellant and cool the expanding gas following activation. These filters are normally manufactured from large diameter stainless steel or carbon steel wire and are suitable for use in driver's side, passenger side and side door inflator designs. Density can be varied according to degree of filtration efficiency required and are often highly compressed.

Features and Benefits

  • Excellent filtration capability.
  • Absorbs vibration energy.
  • Available in round, cylindrical or rectangular form.
  • Low cost tooling enables prototypes to be manufactured quickly and inexpensively.
Anti Vibration

Sumit wire mesh knitted has several features which give it a unique ability to absorb energy resulting in a material that is able to reduce vibration, abnormal sound and dissipate heat. In the knitting process wire loops are created that act like tiny springs which return to their original shape after being subjected to compression. The loops are also free to move in several directions allowing knitted materials to have natural resilience and to vibrate when sound energy hits the wires. When vibrating, the wires convert sound energy to thermal energy and so create a sound dampening effect. Compressing sumit wire mesh in a die creates an element that has a tortuous air path resulting in intricate passages that also attenuate sound by absorption. All these features enable the material in a variety of forms to perform all three of these functions and in some cases all of these functions in the same application. Commonly these components have applications in automotive exhaust systems, aerospace, marine and air tool industries.

Features and Benefits

  • Highly effective absorber of heat, sound and vibration energy.
  • Able to withstand very high shock loadings. Capable of operating in high temperature, corrosive and hostile environments
  • Being manufactured from metal allows highly efficient heat conduction.
  • Can be produced in circular, rectangular, and cylindrical form.
  • Low cost tooling enables prototypes to be manufactured quickly and inexpensively.
  • Fixed easily and cost effectively by riveting, spot welding, bolting or simply side wall friction.
img Catalytic Convertor

SUMIT wraps are designed to protect the delicate ceramic honeycomb brick within catalytic convertors from shock and vibration damage. Constructed usually from crimped knitted wire mesh sometimes in conjunction with an integral strip of intumescent mat material, they are normally joined to make a one piece component that is easily fitted over the brick assembly in the canning process. Tiny springs are created during the knitting process that cushion the ceramic and prevent damage from the most severe vibration a convertor might experience. Materials of construction include grade 304 and 316 stainless steel.

Features and Benefits

  • Highly effective protection for delicate ceramic honeycomb.
  • Easy fit for cost efficient mass production.
  • Withstand high temperatures and corrosive exhaust gas.
  • Fit any shape or size of ceramic brick.
img Separation Rings

Twin brick catalytic convertors require a component to keep apart the two ceramic honeycomb bricks at a constant gap. Using a metallic wire mesh separation ring ensures the gap is consistent and consequently prevents gas erosion of intumescent mats. Separation rings can be produced in a wide range of materials for example 304, 316S stainless steel,

Features and Benefits

  • Can be manufactured to suit round or oval ceramic monolith bricks.
  • Easy to install.
  • Cost effective over other solutions.
  • Does not chip the ceramic monolith.
  • Man made materials such as ceramic yarns can be co-knit with a metal filament to improve sealing and further reduce the possibility of gas bypas..
img Spacer Rings

Features and Benefits

  • State of the art manufacturing technique for low-cost production.
  • Wide range of materials to suit temperature requirement up to and exceeding 1000°c.
  • Ring-shaped spacers plus other profiled shapes to suit different pipe designs.
img Liquid Filter

This Filter specially used for liquid filtration available mesh in variety of construction as per application.