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SUM TEF column packing is the sheet version of the popular Sheet Metal Structured Packing (METAL STRIP). Their development is a part of Sumit Engineering Engg's continuous & comprehensive development program to improve column packing performance.

SUM TEF is supplied in modules which consists of parallel layers of uniquely designed and pressed PTFE strips MADE FROM VIRGIN P.T.F.E. POWDER which are corrugated and arranged with inclined angle. These modules are then stacked with an alternating 90 degree orientation of every other layer which gives a good lateral contact of liquid - liquid - gas phase.

The pressed PTFE strips help to draw the liquid in all directions into a thin film and provides a marked improvement in uniform wetting of the packing body. With the improved internal liquid distribution, a high volumetric mass transfer efficiency is achieved and low pressure drop is maintained with proper liquid / Reflux distribution a high optimum performance is achieved resulting high mass transfer & low pressure drop. The standard packing version has specific diameter for glass column Suitable to DIN Standard Glass Column. However, other variants with specific diameters of Sizes 2"(50 mm), 3"(75 mm), 4"(100 mm), 6"(150 mm), 9"(225 mm), 12"(300 mm) it higher size to suit customer requirement are also available.

In addition to the column packing, we also design and manufacture high efficiency column internals (distributors, collectors, support grids etc.) to match the column internals to both the packing and the specification. Good distribution together with systematic redistribution is essential to optimize column performance.

  • Corrosive liquid : PTFE is having excellent chemical resistance to a large no of chemical suitable up to 180º c.
  • Vacuum Distillation : For component which are thermally unstable & required low temp. & high vacuum i.e. low pressure drop to reduce degradation.
  • Atmospheric operations : Where a large number of theoretical stages are required i.e. in separation of isomeric compound.
  • Energy conservation : With the high face contact efficiency, packing used to reduce reflux requirements and increase purity and production.
  • Increased product purity : Can be achieved due to efficient distribution system and eternal more equilibrium stages from same size column.